Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I am no supporter of Obama

Yes, I said it. I am just apathetic about the American elections and I just think that many in Malaysia are just hyped up about him winning without any real reason other than the fact that he's black. Yes, as much as it is considered racist to deny someone something based on his or her skin colour, I think it is just as racist to celebrate someone just because of his or her skin colour. If race is so unimportant, why keep saying that you are proud of Obama being the first black president of the USA? Why is being black a factor?

Besides, none of you Malaysians voted and thus I think it is just absurd to be going out for celebratory drinks or whatever that you all do to celebrate Obama's win. Come on, chants of 'We did it'? You people in Malaysia did nothing. You did not vote for him. Full stop.

I agree with XiaXue and also find this article that shes lead me too very interesting. Yea, I love reading Wendy's blog as much as many of you may find it hard to believe. She may not be the perfect picture of goodness but I think what's important is that she is honest.

That's exactly what this world needs. Not goodness.


PS: This post may have come abit late but blame it on my laziness. And also the Wicked Witch of the East that has been spoiling my mood. Who is the Wicked Witch of the East? Someone so evil that the mere mention of her true identity will strike you deaf (or blind, if I type it out ).

Janelle Monae - I love you

She released her first album in 2007 but I've only recently stumbled upon her and I'm hooked. I think she is just outrageous. She is quirky and her style is , well - so herself. Now this is a woman that defines being an individual.

Check out the vid below and also visit the GAP Christmas website. That's how I found her. Anyway I think the other Christmas remixes are also fantastic. Really puts me in a Christmas-sy mood.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Bird and The Bee - My Love

This is a tribute to the person who posted the song on you tube. She is practically a saint in my books. Not only did she gave us all access to such a wonderful song that is not even released yet. She even mailed me the song in mp3 format for my ultimate enjoyment. I don't know how she got it and I don't wanna know but I think it is an ultimate feat. Thanks!

The song appeared in episode 5 of Grey's Anatomy Season 5 and is by The Bird and The Bee - due to be released on their album sometime next year.