Sunday, September 28, 2008

Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Official Music Video

And right on the heels of the last post, here's the official music video for season 5 premiere with Bryn Christopher's 'The Quest' song used in the 4th season finale.

Hoping for the best

Grey's Anatomy Season 5 premiered in the US three days ago and I still can't find a download for that season premiere. Whatever happened to the wonders of technology when you really need it?

I'm really looking forward to the revival of what once, was a great tv series. The astounding success of Season 1 only lead to mounting disappointment in Season 2 and 3 as the characters in the series got more and more tangled in a love web that lead to everybody getting hurt and whiny. However, watching Season 4, I think the story is picking up and I see promise in Season 5.

I'm leaving you with the closing scene of the finale for Season 4.

Feeding my ego

I feel that zodiacs do describe a person rather aptly but I have never really found a book that addresses the personalities of someone born on the cusp. Well, I read a book today in Borders that did and though it may not be all accurate but it'll do a fine job boosting my ego. I need every little bit of extra confidence that I can muster up for what I think will be a hard time for me in the coming few months. I survive solely in life sustained by confidence and heck, I'll certainly be needing it soon.

Those born on the Cancer/Leo cusp are creative individuals with artistic temperaments and a flair for the dramatic. Ambitious for worldly success, you are self-assured enough to continue believing in yourself in the face of obstacles and setbacks. You prefer a position of leadership yet you work exceedingly well within a team environment. You need to be in the thick of things rather than sitting on the sidelines. You always seem to know the best way to promote yourself and your ideas, and you have a gift for inspiring others to do the same.

The charming sunny personality of the July 22nd covers a proud inner nature with a concentrated drive to
win. You project the illusion of tractability, but you generally manage to get your own way in the end. A incorrigible optimist, you enjoy the material trappings of the good life. When you want something, you buy it, even if you can't afford it. You figure that by the time the bill arrives, the money will miraculously be there to pay for them, and often that proves to be the case.

You believe that love makes the world go 'round, and in an intimate relationship, you're romantic and affectionate. You may flirt a good deal but you do it more for the attention than anything else. Once committed to another person, you're a loyal and devoted partner.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Voicing it

How much does a person's voice tell you about his persona and his looks? I have been getting alot of double takes from the people I have liaised with over the phone in the course of my work - when they finally meet me in person that is. All of them have said that I do not look like the person they imagine the voice on the phone belongs to. When pressed for details and an explanation on what they meant, they would desist in talking about it and I only get coy (or probably, devious) smiles. This has not happened once or twice, but lots of times.

I would like to flatter myself to think that they simply did not envision me to be so young but one can't help but wonder whether - the truth, will be very much more unflattering.

I don't think I can handle the truth.

Not yet anyway.

Monday, September 08, 2008


It was a rather good day, if I must say so myself - until I found out that my publisher's niece scheduled an interview for a writer's position in my company. And to say the least, I actually received a stellar appraisal from my editor this morning itself.

Now, I can actually feel my hopes and future in the company crumbling around me as I stood facing the new writer with qualifications more outstanding than mine. What more, she's a girl. Now now, I'm not being discriminating but on the flipside with the publisher and the editor being women, my chances of being given a fair chance at moving up in the company is at risk? No?

As much as women are clamoring for equality, sometimes it's the males that are overlooked. With everyone sensitized to female needs and demands, where are the men's lib groups to tip the scales? When one side is pushing hard, the other side needs to push back too - or else we men may just get rolled over.

I think I shall go back today and decompose on my bed.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Fit For A Prince

The Prince Court Medical Centre in KL is fantastic. Attending a media launch today, I was treated to a magnificent tour of its opulent facilities. Looking at the building from the outside, one would not guess it is a hospital and being inside, I would not think so either. It looks like a hotel, feels like a hotel and even smells like a hotel.

With fine dining cafeterias, Starbucks, fancy lounges, glass elevators and decadent decors, it is really unbelievable. And in case any of you are wondering, the price does not go up too high either. It is really comparable to other private hospitals out there in the city - pricewise.

The rooms come equip with a safe, refrigerator, flat screen tv, an enormous shower area and toilet, and even an attached regular room for guests. Oh and yes, the hospital is covered with its own wifi system. The fine dining cafetaria? You have complete meals with starters, main dishes and desserts. The media got to eat free of course, steaks, lamb shanks, salmons, salads, soups and plenty of sweet stuff like tiramisu and strudels. Now that - is bringing the term 'hospital food' to a whole new level!

Now this machine deserves special mention. You know why? It has somehow insulted me. It is a machine that is used to calculate a person's body mass index. I was picked for a demonstration and the following reading was given out:

BMI: 20.1
Average calories burn per day at resting state/BMR: 1393
Body fat: 13% (Yes, I'm not lean enough)
Muscle mass: 23% (Wth?? Is it possible to be so low?)
Weight: 54kg
Height: Not telling (I'm sensitive)
My body's age: 18

Yes, 18. The nurse was very happy to announce that and she thought I would be pleased to be having a body of an eighteen year old. I was actually flattered too until I went back and thought about it.

Was the machine confused because it thought I have the height of an eighteen year old?