Monday, December 17, 2007


I've just watched the season finale of America's Next Top Model cycle 9 and one thing that I feel should get special mention is one of the contestant, Jenah. Jenah's picture for the Covergirl shoot was fantastic. Although she was sent home after that I still think it's the most outstanding photo of the three. I stole the picture from froggies blog. Apologies :)

My Idol

I think the result was a big, big surprise for everyone. It was a great upset for millions of peope I think. Jac, although you didn't win, you're still my idol. Mwakss

Friday, December 14, 2007

Asian idol is a must watch

Make sure you all tune in to the Asian Idol tonight and makes sure you do vote for our Jac! The medley below from IKON is simply beautiful and I felt that the way she ended it was spectacular. Unfortunately she did not win that particular day and I really hope tonight, she does win.

Good luck tonight Jac.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

All that glitters is not gold

The Golden Compass was a little disappointing for me. The short previews were of course fantastic but when you've really sat down and watched the movie, you'll find it lacking substance. Oh, all the special effects, audio visually, were impressive but other more than that, it had nothing. It did not moved me emotionally nor did it impressed in me a message so strong, I would leave the cinema feeling awed. One consolation though is of course the ever beautiful Nicole Kidman. She dominated the screen with her presence and I feel she did a wonderful job bringing Mrs Coultier to life. Bravo!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

I was Enchanted

I got so worked up last few days about the previous post matter that I forgot to blog this. Well, here it is. I watched Enchanted the other day and I can tell you that is it simply wonderful. I know many of you have been taken by Stardust (my roommate swears by it) but after watching Enchanted I have fallen in love with it. While Stardust has been more of an adult kind of movie, Enchanted appeals more to the children or the inner child in most adults for that matter.

The movie gives you a feel good kind of feeling where its main message, as cliched as it may seem, is that happy endings do exist after all - even in the real world. It brings a smile to your face and you leave the movie theater with a light spring in your step as if all your burdens weren't so bad after all. It brings back memories of when I would watch Disney cartoons such as Cinderella,, Sleeping beauty and Snow White with my sister on hot Sunday afternoons when I was little. Sigh... those were the days of great contentment.

Well, if you have not watched it, hurry up and do so. I guarantee you'll like it. After all, everyone likes a happy ending. No?

If you do decide to go, invite me to tag along. LOL

And yeah, my fav actor from Grey's Anatomy is in it too :D