Sunday, June 29, 2008

Creative Coma

I think I'm suffering from writing overdose...

Too much of a good thing is bad.



Actually I wanted to write something about my day doing some men's beauty product research at the Pavilion and Suria KLCC but then somehow lost the will when I was trying to put together sentences. Am I desensitizing my creative thoughts to mental stimulation? Will that creative spark eventually burn out?

Crap. I'm raving and I totally don't know where I am heading with this post.

It's gonna me Monday again tomorrow. Join me lapsing into a coma?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Take a stand for those that can't

Today I made a difference. I pledged Rm 30 each month to the WWF Malaysia to help with their ongoing nature conservation efforts. I've always wanted to donate but I was a student back then - now that I'm working, why not? One dollar a day is not that much to myself but it will make alot of difference to the animals saved by the efforts of the WWF.

I made a stand for those that can't.

Will you?


So it has finally reached the one month mark of me working. How has it been? Oh, sure I have my complaints and the usual moanings about deadlines and stuff. However, if you ask me, I can't imagine myself doing anything else for a living. Writing is fun and nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing my name in print above a well written piece.

I received my first official paycheck yesterday. Yeap, money well earned is money to be proud of. However, you know what is better? I received the June issue of my magazine too yesterday - hot off the printing press. Let me tell you, it was one of the best moments of my life. Finally, I am a published writer.

If I had to describe my feelings in one word about my job, it would be...

- Gratifying -

How many out there can say the same thing? :)

Make sure you get it once it hits the bookshops. I have three articles in this issue but in the next issue, you'll definitely see more of me :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My achy breaky body

I had a fitness event at Mont Kiara this afternoon. It was with Get Active, a personal training studio and I felt like a Hollywood star for at least a few hours. I had the services of a personal trainer and I think it was a really good experience. I mean, professional advice tailored to your fitness level, needs and goals - what more could you ask for?

My personal trainer, Amy was professional, cheerful and a really wonderful person to be around. Nevertheless, she really put me through the paces thoroughly. I went home feeling feeling achy but yet satisfied. I would certainly get her for full time training if only I had the cash. Naturally, they don't come cheap and good things even more so.

Should I continue with the regimen since I do have a gym at my place? I'll let my laziness do the talking.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

A first taste

I attended my first theater production today and I had great fun. It was the local production of Paula Vogel's How I Learned To Drive and it was staged at the Actors Studio, Bangsar. As much of a neophyte I may be, I would say it was good. The script was fantastic and I savoured the language immensely.

Really wonderful.

Friday, June 06, 2008

My Devil Wears Prada Week 1

So one week has passed. Honestly, it wasn't bad. I had fun and ultimately it was a great experience. So much to learn, so much to pick up and so much to absorb in so much of a short time. What did I do?

Let's see. I finished a couple of editorial pieces. Completed an advertorial piece. Attended my first cover shoot and got to meet Malaysian singer, Ezlynn. Wrote the cover story and went for a beauty product launch.

Alot to happen in five days.

I survived.