Tuesday, November 28, 2006

*Sniff sniff*

What a way to start the holidays.. by getting sick. Why is it always my trips home are always so eventful? The last time I hit myself in the face with the taxi door and now I completed my journey home by almost fainting several times. Everytime I felt like fainting I had to go sit down to let the feeling pass. Sigh... The doctor diagnosed I had a mild food poisoning.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

The holidays are here!

The time is ripe for much enjoyment,
Of merry, little bouts of fun,
For after such a long confinement,
Life just seems like a very bad pun.

The time is right to slough off all reservations,
To unlock life's dull encryption,
And to drop all polite inhibitions,
To have some fun without trepidation.

The time is set to rush on by,
Now that enjoyment is ressurected,
For Father Time is very much sly,
He'll make sure your fun is expediated.

The time is made to look extended,
But actually nothing is more ephemeral,
The length is overrated,
For it always seems so temporal.

The time is hailed by every student,
To be a saviour of our sanity,
For as much as studies are concerned,
It doesn't fit in with our propriety.

The time is here,
Although long in travel,
But we shouldn't fear,
For it has arrived: A student's carnival.

To all my friends on their break, happy holidays :)

Friday, November 24, 2006

Menghitung Hari

My all time favourite Malay song!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Word of the day!


Do you know what a lipogram is? Past sounding like a fat tumor (lipoma), I did not have a notion too as to what was it. Naturally, I ran to Wiki
, of which I found this out:

A lipogram is a kind of writing with constraints that consists of full paragraphs or books in which a particular symbol, such as that fifth symbol (which is most common in writing), is missing. An author must submit to an awful handicap, allowing only consonants and A, I, O , U, and Y. This is ordinarily a quorum of six fours plus half of two.

I was curious about such a thing and I did look about and I found this.

Thus, I would want to say that such a thing is odd but I'm much drawn by it and I took a stab at it in this post.

Look, no fifth symbols in this post!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

She's my star

She's none other than Marsha Thomason. I got to know her from watching the entire two seasons of Las Vegas on DVD and she really stands out for me. She plays Nessa Holt a.k.a. the ice queen, in Las Vegas. Ruling over the gambling pits as the pit boss, she seems to epitomise power in women. What works for me is that she looks less ethereal, compared to the other girls in Las Vegas. The other girls are either stick thin or with overinflated boobs in dresses too tight. Marsha is just prefect the way she is with her killer smile :) Besides, I love hearing her talk, because her British accent is simply too cool.

However she is no longer acting in season 3... *Sob* I'll miss her very much...

The lucky seven of season 1 and 2

Monday, November 13, 2006

Language handicapped

I have always felt that I'm handicapped because I have a good grasp of the English language. Oh yeah, I'm not crazy or anything. Take for example in exams. I had this question appearing in my multiple choice question in my pathology paper today:

The difference of hyperplasia compared to neoplasia.

A. It may be reversible.

It is a true false question whereby we have to state true or false for each statement, A-E. Look at the stament in A. The fact is hyperplasia DEFINITELY IS reversible. So since it states 'may be' does that make the statement wrong? Because 'may be' gives us the idea that it can be reversible or it can be non-reversible. Am I thinking too much?

This isn't the first time whereby I had lots of ambiguities about the meaning of questions in exams. Back in my school days, I would be the one in class arguing the language aspect of questions while everyone else just doesn't see it. They just seem so oblivious about how the incorrect use of a single word can change the meaning of the whole sentence. To make matters worse, when I do argue, I get brushed off by the teachers. To them the questions were correct because all the other students were able to figure out the right answer and I get reprimanded the same way everytime.

"You are thinking too much"

Am I? Is this how we Malaysians are nurturing our young minds? To not think?

In my last semester finals I asked a coursemate about a question in the finals for biochemistry. In this dry practical where we had to do calculations for an experiment, the figures given where strangely different from those in the real experiment we did before. Obviously I calculated it wrongly because I followed the question figures. The others? They blindly followed the figures in the one used before. When asked why they didn't use the ones provided they answered, "Follow the old one la, sure the same one". What the hell! Did it occur to them that the experiment protocol may have changed? Are we all to be mindless zombies to get something correct?

It is sad when a kid learns at a young age that thinking is not beneficial and it is wrong... And we asked ourselves why Malaysia is not a first world country. How can we be, when we have such a third world mentality.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ennui sucks

Got another six more papers to go and I have one tomorrow... What have I been doing all week? Hmmmmm.. let's see. I have been watching the entire two seasons of Las Vegas, played a hell alot of online games, and certainly haven't been studying. Besides I just went to the movies to catch The Covenant. It was an ok movie I guess, nothing much to brag about. The plot was crap so they hired alot of beautiful people to make up for it. Figures doesn't it?

Anyway, why do exams always make you lose the mood to study? Ennui sucks. Until next time then, gotta at least read a little for my pathology paper tomorrow :)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Time flies!

Two whole weeks are up and my first paper is gonna be on Monday... Have I put these two weeks to good use? I would say no. Oh, yeah I have been studying, but have I been studying HARD? Nope. The tv, computer and bed have all conspired and they have succeeded in pulling me away from my studies with tempting entreaties of being lazy. Aha, I guess it's true that it is easier to do the wrong thing than to do the right thing.

Well what may come, I'll just do my best.