Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A book review: Shalimar the Clown

Truth be told, I am not a great fan of political novels and this one by Salman Rushdie did not change my perception much. I tend to avoid political novels purely based on the reason that if I would want to read about politics, I could just as easily purchase the daily paper. However, the story of an American ambassador, his wife, a village dancing girl, their love child, an Islamist hit man and how they are all tied together by both love and hate intrigued me enough to purchase the book. As much as I stood in the bookstore trying to hazard a guess, I could not imagine the plot connecting their much disconnected backgrounds. These separate lives on several continents and in numerous countries seemed like an insurmountable task to be put together into one novel.

When read, I certainly enjoyed the story development but the writing is too abstract for my taste. I do know that thoughts and feelings are abstract in their original form but is it not the job of a writer to capture them into writings easily understood and imagined? Though some parts of the novel proved to be much easier to fathom and read, overall it was a struggle to complete.

To me, it was alot of words, a lot more cultural references, neverending pop culture, infinite name dropping and definitely more than enough political messages.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Scented books

There is nothing like the scent of new books. It is refreshingly seductive (literary-wise, of course) and it is exciting in too many aspects to be described. In many ways, the very smell of a freshly purchased book brings back memories of pure contentment - reading that is, and nothing else. The light scent that wafts up when you turn the crisp pages is enough to get you high and the cool touch of your fingers against the smooth, unblemished texture of the paper heightens the sensation and bolsters the reading experience.

However, old books have their mark too that I find addictive. The musty smell of a book with yellowing pages brings to memory of books that are a comfortable read. These books are books that have weathered time and are an easy-going kind of novel to be carrying around. They speak of past happiness to be found in their pages and the continual collection of cheer in readers to come.

If anyone ever bottles the scent of books, I will surely be their number one customer.

Friday, March 14, 2008


I walked up 14 flights of stairs today because the electricity was out and thus no elevator. I reached my room turned on the fan, waited ten seconds and the electricity came back on....

I think if I walked up everyday I would be able to lose half my weight by the end of the month.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Addicts they are!

See these mice? They are so cute aren't they?

Then we proceeded to stick them with morphine for observation purposes. They are now drug addicts. It's sad isnt it? So much for the love of animals.

I'll probably rot in hell.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Political tsunami in general election

Well, well, it seems the results are shocking. With five states lost to the opposition I'm sure this is the biggest win so far seen in history. I do hope that the opposition will perform now that they have gotten the chance they so crave for.

It's time that they show they can walk the walk since they know how to talk the talk.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Salah tekan

I'm pissed. Some bloody bugger called me four times this morning at approximately 3.30 am and I woke up at the fourth call. I admit, I'm a heavy sleeper and I don't usually get awaken by calls and thus it makes it worse when I do get woken up. Naturally, I couldn't fall asleep again for about an hour and I promptly overslept and missed my 8 am class. What shit.

When I was rudely awaken, I sent him a frigid sms demanding the reason but there was no reply. I called him a moment ago and he said probably he 'salah tekan'. 'Salah tekan'? Four times? I blasted him thoroughly but my anger has not been fully vented yet.

I'm a student with 8 am classes and a never ending load of stupid things to do each week. I'm having a lousy last semester and these people who have no bloody manners and phone etiquette are making it worse.

'Salah tekan' at 3.30 am indeed. Did I mention it was four calls? What kind of mentally retarded person do you think I am to believe that?