Tuesday, October 30, 2007


My supervisor requested to see me this morning after my molecular biology paper and guess what? She wanted to discuss the options of getting my research paper published in an international journal. It is an opportunity not to be missed and I'm definitely elated about it.

She gave me two options regarding the publication. Option one was that she will handle everything, from the rewriting of the paper to be submitted to the handling of the correspondence. Option two was that I do everything myself with her guidance. Guess what I chose?

I chose option two of course. It would be a very good chance for me to gain a little experience regarding getting myself published and it is something I will not want to miss. Of course it will mean more work for me but getting your name in print is definitely worth it.

There is definitely a possibility that I will be rejected by the different journals, but then again... there's no harm in trying.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Post-raya Shopping

One would have thought that shopping for something after the raya festival would be a very quick thing. One would have never guessed that the check out line would be such a long one. One could have died waiting for all the kiddies to pay for their toys with their duit raya. One should have smashed their heads with all the coins and dollars they were counting out to pay for their purchases. One is evil...

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Is life always that cruel? My cousin just told me her house got robbed and she was devastated. What's worse is that her laptop that was taken contained all her assignments and they are due soon. What can she do? She had a backup in a pendrive but that got taken as well. Double blow of the suckiness of life? She lamented to me over the net and somehow I felt very much saddened that sometimes, life just blows.

Her parents and brother seem to be handling it rather nonchalantly maybe because all that was lost were just material stuff to them but to her, work and effort lost cannot be recovered so easily. Sometimes grown ups think that for students, life is just so simple. I find that patronizing.

She said and I quote:

thatz y...i cried so hard not for the laptop
i cried for the content
my family said they will buy a new one to replace
its not that
they can get the latest high tech one
but its not the same as the old one
because all my stuff is gone

Well, I understand. My heart goes out for you in these troubled times...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Hanging up the ol' lab coat

The place was desolate on that particular day with everyone having fled with anticipation of much joyous festivities on the morrow. The long halls he traversed were eerily muted with the ringing silence of emptiness and as he walked on by, he noticed how much this contrasted with the everyday hustle and bustle of footsteps and voices.

It was rather amusing how he had such a change of feeling now that he had completed those few months in the lab. He remembered how frightening it was on the first day with much trembling hands and jumping hearts but with time, experience steadied the hand and confidence calmed the heart. As stressful as it was, those couple of months will be a time always remembered. The friendly jibes, the whispered secrets and the shared whining all added colour to the long lab hours. It was hard work but satisfying all the same.

As he cleared his cluttered workspace he can't help but think about it. He will certainly miss it, now that it is over. Slinging the lab coat over his shoulder, he walked out with the thought that maybe doing it for a living isn't so bad after all.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm not imaginative

"I'm just very selective about the reality I choose to accept."

Es tut mir leid

I know, I'm dreadfully behind time with this one.... Apologies to Ah-Bong. My fingers are to blame :S

Five Things:

In my bag
(I'm assuming it's the bag I take to classes).

1) Freakin notes for different classes

2) Lots of rubbish - candy wrappers, torn papers, etc
3) Bits and bobs from the lab that have mysteriously lodged themselves into my bag - PCR tubes, latex gloves etc
4) Ethidium bromide contaminated pens and pencils
5) A paperback novel of any kind - never left the house without them!

In my wallet

1) Movie ticket stubs

2) Sheaves of receipts
3) Identity stuff
4) A minute amount of money
5) A coin - who is probably dying of loneliness

In my room
(Of course the room I have in my hometown)


2) My huge ass shelf of books and more books
3) My giant queen size bed
4) My computer (I LOVE YOU TOO !)
5) My laptop (I LOVE YOU THE MOST !)

I would like to try

2) Taking a hiatus from life and just travel for a year
3) Going to Germany and yakking in German
4) Extracting DNA samples from chorionic villi
5) Throw rotten eggs from the balcony of my apartment - don't ask

I'm doing now
1) Falling asleep doing this
2) Thinking up a fairytale to write during my viro paper tomorrow
3) Thinking of reasons to explain why the multiplex PCR I developed has a less than perfect sensitivity and specificity
4) Typing?
5) Errr.... breathing?

I'm tagging

No one. I'm probably the last person on the face of the eart
h to do this.