Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A beautiful talent

It was good. Like all her movies, it was nothing short of a beautiful story. As a writer, I appreciated the language and the writing in the screenplay is just amazing. The day I am able to write as well as that will be the day I die a happy man.

I have one grouse however, and it is just that the love portrayed in the film is just too pure. You may call me bitter but I think to find such a love is just not real. To what extend can one connect to another by just spending a few hours or minutes each day without even saying much to each other? And to fall in love with such deep wrought feelings?

Anyway, Jaclyn Victor was in the film too. Being her debut in acting, I think she did a wonderful job. Yes, I am bias - she will always be a favourite of mine and I'm a little disappointed because she didn't actually sing in the movie. I would love to hear her sing in it.

On another note, I interviewed Yasmin Ahmad recently for my magazine and she proved to be a surprise. That's all I am going to say (some of you I have confided in should know) and my conclusion would be that she's a woman to be reckoned with.

I think her movies themselves speak volumes.

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inaesb said...

Jaclyn's mom in the movie is scary. Whoever going to kahwin her or the boy better beware. :D