Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My first F1 experience

Ok, this is rather late but I have been swamped with work lately and this post and the few coming thereafter are all backdated.

I actually had a nice time at the Sepang F1 race, despite not being a racing fan and all. Ok, I don't know shit about racing but hey, the tickets were free. Lol. And to think my editor was grumbling because I was not excited when he managed to get me grandstand tickets.

Yeap, I was there under Johnnie Walker. Had a good time - I zoned out once the race started though and I didn't really pay attention to what's happening. I absorbed the atmosphere instead.

The rain was a bummer and the premature end to the race was a big disappointment to many.

The rain was an even bigger bummer for those who stayed on for the Jamiroquai concert. Mud! It's evil. I got as near to the stage as I could but the result? My shoes turned brown, my shorts were streaked with mud, my white t-shirt was splattered and generally I got really filthy.

However it was worth it. :)

Yea, video quality is not good. Well, you try filming in a middle of a crowd who's all grooving to the tunes. It's not easy.

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